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On a humourous note...

Hello and welcome, So here we are.

Everybody dreamt of it :  they have done it. As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so the SP1 French club Website is back after a too long absence. Let me first say : RESPECT

Respect to everybody who has invested a lot of their time, energy and creativity, to put this forum back on track, for everybody who has a passion for Twin and for this website

Respect to everybody whose only aim is to gather together around what arouses our neurones to excess: motorbikes in general, Twin more precisely and SP in particular


A thousand thanks to those who have given us the opportunity to meet  up again around this passion .I know this website will call together those who are already convinced as well as those  who soon  will be, strengthen the links of this little family which grows from day to day


For you who come on this website, if you are race or speedway, a sympathiser or just a novice, I am sure you will find something to satisfy your curiosity and you will want to share with us or those around you this passion of Twin in general and  SP in particular


So, good luck to you, have a good trip and may the spirit of the 2 spills be with you and may this website grow and feed on these values: respect – conviviality and good humour


 Bye and see you soon...                                                      Trad'Z (dec-2006)



2 years already,Tra’Z let me put your mind at rest , 2 years that the spirit of the 2 spills  has still  been with us


For me: I met it going round a lovely bend on an Auverge road during the 2007 VTR meeting

For you: it was a reincarnation of a Sus Scrofa motorphoh, in other words a wild boar from the Jura country, nationalist and antibiker.


About the name you give to this divinity, I have some objections and a new proposition: I think the name of holy spill will be more appropriate or spill spirit because there are more than two of us to bow down before this ogre

Others kneel down for Mat – Baps – Pop –Doublem ….and more and more still do penance .To close this subject, I will present you with 2 spills of ale when the chance arises.


After this pleasant discussion, I have no more to say. Not only has the Phoenix never been in a better position with 800 inscriptions, positive proof of the open mindedness which  reigns over these pages .But for all its success : it is  more than ever the RDV of good humour, respect and mutual help all mixed together lightheartedly


So for all those in love with motorbikes – Twin – HONDA  or not and of course with the SP, if you come here accidentally or not ,you are only one click away from discovering the most heartwarming motor forum I know.


Here, there is nothing heavy, only real fans without distinction of motorbike make , sex , social or professional status.

The spirit of the SP1 French club can be summed up in a Pierre DESPROGES quotation

“You must laugh about everything – It is very important – It is the only humane way to verge on lucidity without falling into it .


  Bye and see you soon                                                              DRF  (nov-2008)




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